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Event notifications

For each device type you can configure alerts that are triggered upon event occurrence.

Creation procedure

  1. Go to the "Device type" tab.
  2. Enter your device type information page by clicking on its name.
  3. In the left column click on "Event configuration".
  4. Click on the "New" button in the top right corner.
  5. Choose the event type you want to configure in the "Event type" drop-down menu.

Fields explanation

Event type

  • Break in message sequence: occurs when a minor gap in the sequence number is observed.
  • Off contract: occurs when a device's token reaches its expiration date and the device was unable to retrieve a new token.
  • Out of message sequence: occurs when a major gap in the sequence number is observed.
  • On contract: occurs when a device grabs a token from a contract.
  • Receive first test message
  • Receive first payable message
  • Renewal: occurs when a device retrieves a new token from the ongoing contract.
  • Revoke: occurs when a device's token is manually revoked.
  • Transfer: occurs when a device is transferred between two device types.

Not familiar with the sequence number feature? Read this article : What is sequence number and how it works



Defines the method used to receive the event notification.

  • None: no information will be transferred.
  • URL: the backend will use the callback feature to push the notification via the provided URL address.
  • Email: the backend will send an email to the entered email address.


Use if you wish to keep the event's settings but deactivate it for the time being.

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