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How to become a Sigfox accredited Test House?

Sigfox accredited Test House criteria

Any modem or end-product intended to communicate on the Sigfox network will apply a Sigfox certification.

To foster the development of Sigfox certified end-to-end-solutions, the testing part of the Sigfox certification is being outsourced to Sigfox accredited test houses.

Two kinds of testing are being performed during Sigfox certification depending on the partner project:

  • Conducted tests covering protocol and modulation aspects
  • Radiated tests assessing the transmitter radiated performances

Conducted and radiated test specifications and test plan are available at the following link in the Sigfox ReadyTM and the Sigfox VerifiedTM pages. 

The below table summarizes the testing to be done depending on the certification type:





Sigfox Verified™ Module

- Conducted tests



Sigfox Verified™ Reference Design

- Conducted tests


Sigfox Ready™ End Product

- Conducted tests(1)

- Radiated tests

(1) Applicable if RF design of End Product is carried out by Partner

Sigfox outsourced new test house accreditation is opened to any test house that at least complies with the below mandatory criteria. Today, only radiated tests are externalized to accredited test houses.

Sigfox certification applicability

 Sigfox Ready certification

 Not yet applicable

 Sigfox Verified certification

Mandatory criteria

NDA (non-disclosure agreement) is signed between Sigfox and test house

Lab has ISO 17025 accreditation including at least one radio international standard (accreditation certificate to be delivered including scope of accreditation)

Ex: ETSI EN 300 220-1, FCC 47 CFR Part 15, AS/NZS 4268…

Lab can perform RF performance testing according to the Sigfox test specification and test plan in radiated mode

Radiated test specification:

  • Sigfox End-product radiated test specification.pdf
  • Sigfox End-product radiated test plan.pdf


Lab can perform RF performance testing and protocol testing according to the Sigfox test specification and test plan in conducted mode

Conducted test specification:

  • Sigfox Verified Modem Specifications RCx Upkink Downlink.pdf
  • Sigfox Verified Modem Test Plan RCx Upkink Downlink.pdf


Conducted test specification: Not yet applicable

Lab must own at least one full or semi anechoic chamber up to 1GHz to perform radiated tests automatically

Lab can perform accredited tests for at least one of the following type approval:


□  FCC



□  other

Lab agrees to inform Sigfox with the prices of a Sigfox certification tests (conducted and radiated) invoiced to the Sigfox partner and authorizes Sigfox to communicate them to partners

Lab agrees to inform Sigfox with the

  • Number of certification being processed each week
  • Number of certification iteration for each product 
  • Manufacturer name /address / email / phone / country
  • Type of module or reference design embedded in the device
  • End product name / application / SW and HW version / communication mode

Lab agrees to commit on a date of testing with partner  

Lab agrees to provide a report to partner in English including the requested tests (radiated and / or conducted), test conditions and relevant information (photo, test setup…) based on the Sigfox certification test specification

Lab agrees to be audited by Sigfox

Labs agrees to perform testing on one golden device for free as a proof of testing capability   (radiated and / or conducted)

Lab agrees to comply with test requirement upgrades and test equipment software upgrades being deployed by Sigfox

If lab applies for accreditation for conducted test, it should own at least one or several Litepoint equipments

Lab agrees to follow a training on Sigfox technology and certification processes

Lab agrees to include Sigfox test services in their web site

Some optional criteria may be taken into account for the Sigfox final decision of the candidate test house accreditation selection:


Optional criteria

Lab has skills to support partner on

□ Sigfox technology

□ Antenna design

□ Type approval

Lab is

□ NB (Notified Body)

□ TCB (Telecommunication Certification Body)

Accreditation will be delivered based on above criteria fulfillment and possibly with an accreditation audit performed by Sigfox.

Want to apply?

If you are a certification test house and you want to apply to the Sigfox certification test house accreditation, go the following link at the Sigfox Accredited Test Houses page and click on Submit your request on Sigfox Partner Network button. The Sigfox certification team will inform you on the next steps.  

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