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Sigfox Ready certification process

Sigfox ReadyTM certification

This section will focus on Sigfox certifications only. Another section will address FCC, CE mark, ARIB... which are regulatory certifications requested by each country before putting a device into its market. Sigfox certifications are independent from the regulatory certifications but both are required.

Sigfox flow for certifying your end-product

Here below is the summary of the major phases leading to the Sigfox ReadyTM certification. This certificate is needed to register end-product into the Sigfox Cloud.

Today, this flow only applies to the Sigfox ReadyTM certification.

The legacy Sigfox VerifiedTM certification flow is unchanged and the BUILD platform doesn’t support it yet. The legacy Sigfox VerifiedTM certification flow is available at

Sigfox certification step by step

The process to turn the solution of Sigfox partner into a Sigfox ReadyTM product is described below.

Plan Sigfox certification and quotation with Sigfox accredited lab

Partner requests a quotation and books his test session for the radiated tests of the Sigfox certification directly to the Sigfox accredited test house for each radio configuration. Note that the quotation request and test time slot booking to the lab must be done sufficiently in advance based on the partner’s project target planning.

Radiated tests are performed by the Sigfox accredited lab.

List of external test houses accredited by Sigfox are available on the Partner Network or in Build.

Prepare and ship candidate end-product to the test house according to “Be prepared for Sigfox Ready certification” documentation

Partner prepares one or more candidate end-products according to “Be prepared for Sigfox Ready certification” documentation for radiated tests, depending on the target RC.

Radiated test specification and test plan documentations are available at the link

These documentations include the test modes (CW continuous wave and RX GFSK) required for the test house to process the test session. Note that these tests modes are dependent of the device communication mode (uplink only or bidirectional).

Once prepared, device is shipped and submitted directly to the test house for radiation tests.

Test house executes radiated tests according to the test specification and test plan

Test house executes all quoted tests according to test plan and test specification, assuming end-product is properly set with required test modes.

Test house generates report according to “test report requirements”

Test house generates test report according to test report requirements and makes it available to partner directly. The end-product is returned to partner or scraped after measurement is performed upon test house and partner agreement. 

Sigfox radiated test report requirement for Sigfox accredited Test Houses documentation is available at the link.

Sign legal agreement (once per company)

The partner signs the legal agreement allowing him to use the Sigfox Library embedded into the Sigfox modem of the end-product. This signature is enabled on the Build platform by a direct click-through. 

Prepare filing package according to “filing requirement” documentation

Once report is received, the partner can prepare the certification filing package.

In the BUILD portal, he uploads test report from the accredited laboratory and other additional documentation such as BOM, board schematic, board layout, antenna design, antenna datasheet … depending on the target Sigfox Ready certification type. List of documents to be uploaded for package filing is available in the “filing requirement” documentation at the link.

Order and pay the certification fee

Partner submits his certification request in Build to Sigfox SA to trigger the order and pay the certification request online (credit card or bank transfer).

File End product in BUILD

Upon partner click-through legal agreement acceptance, payment, upload of accredited Test House test report and device information in Build with all requested documentation, Sigfox SA will approve or reject the filing.

Once end-product is certified, a product certificate (P) is granted to the end-product. The Sigfox ReadyTM certificate is provided on the BUILD platform at the device page.

The status of the certification is available to the partner in Build.

Update/create pages on the Partner Network

Upon certificate issuance, partner will get access to the Partner Network to enter his company and product pages.

Case of an end-product based on another Sigfox ReadyTM end product (derived)

This case applies to an existing Sigfox Ready device declined into one or several new RCs (different hardware).

The derived device has same commercial name and follows same use case.

A modem change between models is authorized assuming it is Sigfox Verified.

Antenna is also accepted but casing ans battery change are not allowed.

Each RC is to be tested at the Sigfox accredited test house with its own cost. The testing must be done in one shot

Case of an end-product based on another Sigfox ReadyTM end product (similarity)

This case applies to an end-product based on an already Sigfox ReadyTM end product (namely the reference product). This case generally occurs when partner is varying his product offer through his company product catalog of various products that only differ from sensor type or application. 

In comparison to the reference device, the similar device must have same antenna, casing, PCB layout or stack, battery or power supply and Sigfox Verified modem with same RC.

The new device may differ in BOM (with addition or removal of components/sensors) from identical PCB but may also differ in taget application with different sensor type and applicative firmware or way to connect battery (soldered or removable)

Model name is different between similar device and reference device 

There is no need to perform radiated tests on the similar product at the Sigfox accredited test house. Partner only needs to file the end-product similarity document and submit the filing.

A new product certificate is issued for the end-product based on an already Sigfox ReadyTM end-product. Certificate is delivered upon documentation evidences only.

The documentation of the certification by similarity is available at the link.

Case of an end-product based on another Sigfox ReadyTM end product (upgrade)

This case applies to major upgrades on and existing Sigfox Reday device to improve quality, cost Sigfox uplink class...

Major upgrade include change on antenna, casing, PCD layout and stack, battery or power supply and modem.

RC and model stay identical

Upgraded device is to be tested by the Sigfox accredited test house at the dedicated RC.

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