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Sigfox Verified certification process

How to certify your Sigfox modem

This section defines the process to turn the solution of Sigfox partner into a Sigfox VerifiedTM module or a Sigfox VerifiedTM reference design.

For each of these solutions the Sigfox certification process is split into 4 phases:

  • qualification
  • program signature
  • certification
  • post certification

Qualification Phase

The qualification phase consists in supporting the partner in defining the solution and providing technical guidance on certification requirements. Sigfox SA Sales and Pre-sales teams are the first point of contact for Sigfox Verified certifications. A package of documentation including test specifications, test plan and requirements can be delivered at the link to understand and start the Sigfox VerifiedTM certification program.  

This phase also includes the paperwork signature between partner and Sigfox Corp (NDA, EPA, CPA, DLA and LDA) that needs to be completed prior to the start of any Sigfox VerifiedTM certification program.

Program Signature Phase

The second phase is the program signature. The Sigfox Pre-sales team provides a pre-filled application form that confirms the Sigfox VerifiedTM program and the elected RCs. The Partner signs the form and sends it back to

Once signed, certification team will provide 5 credentials (Id, PAC, Key). Partner should go to and purchase 10 tokens which will be provided by the country SO. If the SO is not on Buy, partner will contact directly the SO to purchase connectivity. This provision of tokens allows the partner to experiment with the solution on the Sigfox cloud before selecting a candidate board.

To trigger the certification process, the partner is requested by automatic e-mail to access the Service Desk: to log the certification request. A certification ticket is created on the portal where partner can view and follow his certification request. 

It is time now for the partner to design his Sigfox VerifiedTM module or Sigfox VerifiedTM reference design. Partner will design the modem and develop the modulation. Last, he will integrate the Sigfox protocol Library.

Before stepping into the certification phase, device maker has to validate his device.

He can use a spectrum analyzer and a signal generator to execute RF tests and the RSA Software and SDR dongle hardware for Sigfox pre-certification, following the test procedure available here: . 

To schedule a certification time slot with Sigfow certification team, partner is requested to provide a (.targz) file to certification team, issued from the RSA software. The RSA file must include all the RF & protocol tests with pass or inconclusive tests displayed by RSA. All RSA and SDR related documents are available on

Last, Sigfox makes available on Build at following link : Security Guidelines for its firmware. The partner is expected to read the Security Guidelines described in the document.


Certification Phase

This takes the partner in to the certification phase. RF & Protocol conducted tests are performed by Sigfox SA certification team.

The Partner books a slot with Sigfox SA and ship the candidate board.

Relevant test modes must be programmed to perform required testing. Pre-requisites are described in the documentation package mentioned above in the first step

Upon report issuance, the solution is granted a Modem certificate (M). This, of course, is possible, assuming no failure is found. 

Post-Certification Phase

The final phase of the Sigfox certification process is referred to as post certification. It allows the partner to access the Sigfox ecosystem via the Sigfox Partner Network and to publish or update company and solution information visible on the web. Please note that the Partner Network is also accessible at the early stages of the certification process as soon as application form has been signed in order to foster ecosystem visibility on incoming new solutions. 

Any question on Sigfox VerifiedTMCertifications ?

Before certification starts the main contact are the Sigfox Sales and Pre-sales teams.

For any technical questions regarding the certification process, please contact the Service Desk at

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